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Our philosophy
At Arderikka, we possess the knowledge and expertise to continually challenge the ordinary in search of exciting ways to add value and to change what is accepted.

At Arderikka, we aspire to deliver excellence in services to our clients and always ensure world-class delivery, for a crude oil and petroleum products trader.

At Arderikka, we have talents to manage deals with the logistical constraints, in order to minimise and optimise delays and operational results.

At Arderikka, we consider our Customers as Partners. The core to our philosophy is to treat our customers as our partners. By establishing a close working relationship, we aim to reach a common goal.

To reach this goal: Arderikka provide tailor-made solutions to match the needs of our customers. We work with them to grow their business, reducing risk and providing access to the lowest prices in international markets for petroleum and petroleum products.


About us

Who we are

The founders of Arderikka are heirs to a long history our group of international experts joined by a heightened passion for sourcing, lobbying, logistic intelligence and trading, having forged contacts at the highest level within Oil & Gas world largest companies, offers an alternative to our clients supply.


Arderikka Genesis:

The first evidence for oil product usage was from a very long time ago, natural bitumen has been found on stone tools from Neanderthal sites in Syria dating from ~40,000 years ago.

Herodotus*, the ancient Greek historian, claimed that asphalt was used in the construction of the towers of Babylon, around 2000BC. Oil pits were mined near Arderikka, not far from Babylon, and asphalt was also recovered from the banks of local rivers. The present day site of Babylon is at Hillah ~85km south of Baghdad, & natural seeps are still present adjacent to the Euphrates today. The oil described was natural leakage from the Jurassic Iraqi petroleum system, which remains a world-class petroleum province to this day.

Bibliography* Herodotus 6.119.2

An artistic rendering of the ancient city of Babylon; Greek historian Herodotus wrote that oil from nearby springs was used in the construction of the walls and buildings of the ancient city.
Source: Eon Images/Public Domain

How we work

This is how we work

We understand that you are interested to engage in Business Trading and/or further business relationship with Arderikka.

Depending on the client, we can act as a mandate, direct representative, facilitator or appointed seller or buyer in a Oil & Gas negotiations. From conducting Due Diligence, through to guiding the clients to a successful conclusion, we are available 24/7 for advice and assistance. For each enquiry we provide a number of options, enabling the client to make an informed decision based on price and performance. Oil & Gas commodities depends on a wide range of demand and supply factors, and sorting out their various contributions can be difficult. In recent years, potential constraints on the expansion of petroleum products, have played a role.

At Arderikka, we understand these complex supply and demand factors and benefit from our systematic research and worldwide network. We assisit buyers and sellers in all elements of Oil & Gas transactions commencing with intelligence gathering through to commercial implementation and post-transaction operations.

Step 1:

The first step what we have to take is that you have to accept the way we work as we working according our “Arderikka Business Code” and what became our Company Policy. This contians a MOU with the intention that we start knowing each other, as everybody including yourself would like to know where he/she is working with and what we can expect from each other.

This legal Document, MOU, we will send to you, has to be returned to us, including your personal and/or company details, including a copy of your passport, and of course you will receive the same from us in return. Both parties having this way the opportunity to perform together on the same request or business, which means that we can communicate easily, fast and without restrictions.

Should you be the appointed Mandate / Leagal representative or Signatory of the Buyer or Seller, we would require that you can proof this to us (POF), before we connect you to the Seller or Buyer.

Step 2:

Depending on the offer or inquiry, we will ask for some extra information in order to proceed quickly without delays and in order to prepare the upcoming transaction so buyer and seller are able to conclude in a professional business maner likewise:

– The end buyer’s LOI (Letter of Intend, Interest) or ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) or RWA (Ready Willing and Able Letter); this document should be on buer’s letterhead and should be signed and sealed by the buyer/buyer’s mandate or Legal and authorized Representative, including (when requested) buyer’s banking details to allow the supplier to check buyer’s financial capability.

– If you would like to send us an offer from your seller, please include all relevant information, so we can perform a proper Due Diligence according the agreement we have with our clients.

– Please be aware that we do not accept ’sanitized’ documents or any other “hidden” information. As we have signed a MOU in Step 1, we do not have to hide and should you work with people who do, we have no interest as it only will delay the total process.

– Should we send you an offer, we will automatically guarantee you that we have performed a DD on Seller or Buyer, including personal and business credentials, Bank details and other relevant information. To be advised that we are using several applications to perform DD where under World Check and third parties to assist us in our search, like Dun & Bradstreet.

Step 3:

Where Brokers, Intermediaries, Facilitators are involved, the NCNDA (Non- Circumvention and Non- Disclosure Agreement) and FPA or IMFPA (Fee Protection Agreement) will be required and signed by parties involved, sometimes before the steps as mentioned above.

Please note that we work with our Lawyer (and Paymaster) and who will as required for an Officer of the court performing a DD/KYC on everyone involved in the transaction.

Do not ask us to sign a NCNDA/IMFPA before we even know what is offered, and before we can see that there might be a transaction in progress. We guarantee you that nobody will be forgotten.

Step 4:

This is the most important step of all, as most transactions in 99% of all cases fail completely by too much interference of third parties, too many people involved, too much pressure by other persons or parties, or by the way of acting as conducted by Brokers, Intermediaries etc.

The most important point in a transaction is that when after everything is checked and cleared and seems to in order, Buyer and Seller are connected to each other as fast as possible and this simply means that all parties, after signing the required documents like NCNDA and FDA must step down, in order to let Buyer and Seller negotiate with each other until there is a possibility for a successful transaction or not. The SPA is a matter to discuss by Buyer and Seller, not by Brokers or Intermediaries.

Under no circumstances, Brokers/Intermediaries can ask to exchange non relevant information as Bank Instruments upfront, Past Performance of Buyer or Seller, Upfront Payments etc.

We will be pleased to send you all relevant documents required to start a business relationship and should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you be interested in working with us, please go to the downloadable section and download this form or download it here.

Sign this form including your details and Company seal, and scan the document and send it back to us at info@arderikka.com or ask us for our secured and encrypted email account.

We will contact you at our earliest convenience.



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