Services :

At Arderikka we are assisting, facilitating, brokering offers and/or requests from our clients, business partners and associates in our network.

Our experienced and commited team is able and happy to assist you with the buying and/or selling of the following commodities when available:

Oil & Petroleum products:

      – Crude Oil (light & heavy)

      – D6 Fuel Oil

      – EN590

      – M100 Fuel Oil

      – UREA 46%

      – Gasoil

      – LNG

      – LPG

      – Bitumen

      – Jet Fuel A1

Should have a direct requirement contact us and we are looking forward to meet you.

Please note: Our procedures are very simple but also very strict, so before we can send you any offers and/or we can handle your request, we would like to know you better at first and we do not send you anything before that:

1. You have contacted us via email, skype or telephone

2. We have received a full Company Profile plus a profile of the people involved and/or decision takers

3. We have recieved a L01, LOR, RWA or ICPO with full details of Product, the Target price you requesting, the Quantity and the Delivery Terms and Conditions you seeking. This Document has to be completed on a Company Letterhead and duly signed by a decision taker.

Seller will reply with SCO, FCC and SPA or Contract complete with Procedures, Terms and Condition and the pricing, what can be negotiable direct with Refinery, Title Holder or Allocation Holder.

There will be no communication and exchange of Data between Intermediaries or Brokers.

Do not come to us with “phantasy” request or offers of 20 million bbls of Jet Fuel or 1,00,000 MT of Gas Oil etc. Do NOT ask us for upfront SCO’s or any other irrelevant information like past performance of the Seller/Buyer etc. and please try NOT to impress us with names and/or companies you suppose to work for, or with, as the procedures are strict and the set by the Seller.

The same set of procedures will be in use should we have to introduce you to a buyer of your product(s). We will need at least a proper company presentation and we will discuss further in a personal conversation with you. With this we can assure you a fast moving forward procedure.

We like to refer you to our our “How we work” page for you to review.

We will not entertain any Broker chains, or work via,via …so if you are a Broker or Intermediary, please be willing to connect us direct to Mandate or Buyer/Seller or Signatory. Your commission will be secured.

Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at